new iPad WIP (Multi iPad!)

This is the same test telePort Scene as the last couple of Soundcloud posts, but this time it is to give a new WIP view of the iPad App! Quite shaky and unprepared but I had an extra iPad to complete and test multi-iPad functionality only for one weekend, and found it deserved a little video!

The First telePort EP Release!

Ctrls has released the very first commercial EP composed and jammed out on telePort, as far as we know.

Out now on Token Records and receiving support from Luke Slater, Marcel Fengler, Rebekah, Shifted, Happa and many more.

From Ctrls: “This software has basically teleported my production process to a more musical and intuitive place. Currently testing the, soon to be released, prototype and having a lot of fun in the process!”

For other, and softer, new examples of telePort jams, feel free to visit dubbilan@Juvul’s own soundcloud page at


Here’s a video from two weeks ago of Ctrls playing (in Distillery in Leipzig) with the upcoming new version of telePort featuring a bi-directional iPad controller, finally making it a Lot more approachable!


…The showcase video demonstrating the telePort set we built from scratch during Tutorial 1 – 15 is here!

You can read, watch or just listen… Enjoy!

You can find the full Tutorial Playlist here!
Roughly two hours of “casual” viewing…


telePort version has been released fixing only one small bug in the MIDI Looper Sync System.

It’s a stable release that will be demonstrated in a new video in a few days!

You can read the entire Changelog here.

Final row of preliminary tutorials

telePort version has been released fixing a few things and ending this preliminary row of releases along with the final row of preliminary tutorials!

Attached is also a chart showing the keyboard layout, which is covered in
The Musical Typewriter.

Next up is a demonstration of what you can do with what you have learned!
telePort Keyboard Layout (Web)

Tutorial 11 : The Note Matrix 2 5:52 min

Tutorial 12 : The Musical Typewriter 4:47 min

Tutorial 13 : Sun Sequencing 5:47 min

Tutorial 14 : “DJ-ing” : Audio Looping, Set Morphing and Mixer Effects 13:00 min

Another week, another update and more tutorials

telePort version has been released along with the next line of tutorials.

In the last one, the Note Matrix is used to get a full beat going!

Tutorial 8 : Teleportation and Time Grabbing 9:07 min

Tutorial 9 : The Mixer 8:36 min

Tutorial 10 : The Note Matrix 8:15 min

telePort updated along with next row of tutorials

telePort version has been released adding MIDI learn and a few small bug fixes.

The next line of tutorials have also been uploaded, and we’re starting to get there!

Tutorial 4 : MIDI Control 6:29 min

Tutorial 5 : Preset Naming 4:48 min

Tutorial 6 : Modulation Graphs 5:29 min

Tutorial 7 : The Essence of Time 8:48 min

First line of telePort tutorials uploaded…

More will follow, but there’s enough here to get telePort playing and then some. Step by step to help you begin creating a full set! Including 3 short Pre-Tutorials that you can watch as you need to help you with the setup process, which is also described in the installation file.

Here’s the last from this first line as a teaser. Everything up until there is made from scratch with free VST instruments and explained in great detail:

Pre-Tutorial 1 : Setting up the software and VSTs 2:05 min

Pre-Tutorial 2 : MIDI Setup 1:52 min

Pre-Tutorial 3 : Hardware Instrument Setup 2:14 min

Tutorial 1 : Direct Play and MIDI Looping 4:42 min

Tutorial 2 : Modular Sequencing Intro 7:46 min

Tutorial 3 : Augmented Sequencing 6:15 min

telePort demo ready!

…and has also been updated to version
A couple of more user interface/experience tweaks and a few minor bug fixes.
But the video explains much more!

Look out for actual tutorial videos showing the screen and what is going on, soon…

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