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23 months ago dacobi BasicVector.h addeddefault tip
23 months ago dacobi BasicUnit.cpp added
23 months ago dacobi BasicUnit/BasicVector
24 months ago dacobi BasicVector........
24 months ago dacobi Reworing BasicUnit -> BasicVector & meObject
2012-07-08 dacobi fonttool.cpp, oglFont -> mglFont
2012-07-02 source Removed unused cmake linker vars
2012-07-02 source Removed CmakeCache.txt
2012-07-02 source Changed build system to CMake, firts commit
2012-06-25 per SDL mouse debugging
2012-06-24 per OME works
2012-06-23 per minor changes
2012-06-22 per meBSplineCurve.hierarchical defaults to false
2012-06-22 per glm added to sdks
2012-06-22 per meBSplineCurve.hierarchical added
2012-05-13 per Sweep works with kitty
2012-05-13 per Sweep seems to be working on tail, mid and neck
2012-04-30 per Sweep still problem with kitty mid
2012-04-29 per further optimazation of bspline compile
2012-04-29 per optimizing BSpline mesh compile
2012-04-29 per meBSplineCurve::parentCurves added
2012-04-29 per meBSplineCurve::translatePoint optimized
2012-04-29 per Before optimize try
2012-04-28 per meBSplineCurve::translatePoint with scaling
2012-04-28 per Vec3 meBSplineCurve::translatePoint(Vec3 p)
2012-04-07 per Save/Load sphere works
2012-04-07 per Save/Load BSplineCurves works, but not with mesh
2012-04-06 per minor changes
2012-04-05 per BSplineCurve seems to work with hiarcy and non hiracy
2012-04-05 per Works completely with Kitty_tail
2012-04-05 per BSpline sweep works partly
2012-04-02 dacobi Fullscreen visual bugfix
2012-04-02 Per luaopen_ome compile problem solved on Windows platform
2012-04-01 dacobi Kitty_Lua
2012-03-29 dacobi Removed FreeALUT, Makefile.* rollback
2012-03-26 per BSplimemesh sweep works with move and scale
2012-03-11 per ObjectTree selection in progress
2012-03-11 per Working on ctrl selection
2012-03-10 per meBSplineCurve::drawOGL tests for valid data array
2012-03-05 Lasse BSplineCurve:drawOGL uses translatePoint
2012-03-05 per Minor cosmetics
2012-03-05 per AssetImporter::recursive_import no creation om MeshGroup when meLoadCurve
2012-03-04 Per Sweep working
2012-02-26 Per asio folder added
2012-02-26 per include\inttypes.h added
2012-02-26 per MIDIum.vcxproj.filters added
2012-02-23 per string.h added
2012-02-21 per loading curves in assetimporter
2012-02-13 per meLoadCurve in AssetImporter seems to work
2012-02-13 per SDL_image.dll added to root
2012-02-13 per SDL_image.dll added in bin
2012-02-13 per SDL folder added
2012-02-12 per meLoadCurve in progress
2012-02-12 per Working on SDL and curves
2012-02-08 dacobi fixed glPush/Pop-Matrix in drawGizmo(...)
2012-02-08 dacobi fixed case-sensitive icon name: bsplinecurve_0001.png,
2012-02-08 dacobi meCurrentContext...
2012-02-08 dacobi Merge Done
2012-02-08 dacobi merging old heads
2012-02-08 dacobi merging old heads