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telePort 0.9.1 released

Finally! It took a bit longer, but more was done. telePort now has built-in project directory handling and there’s big and small changes across the board mostly regarding usability. Based on early user feedback most of the quirky nerdy things one had to deal with in the first release are gone. (Obviously it’s all still quite nerdy…). Add to that two very nice new features plus a built-in MIDI monitor and it’s quite the update!

Check the Changelog for the full list of changes, and get your download for Windows or Mac here.

Now, videos will seriously be coming soon…


The mac version of telePort 0.9 has been put up on the Downloads page. Mostly for good measure, to mark the state of the program at its first public release.

Why such an un-excited release post?
Because I finally found a way to fix a major usability issue in the prototype! Version 0.9.1 will be released soon – maybe even before NYE – with a couple of early user-driven changes to especially the initialization of the program, along with a project handling system where the cumbersome nerdy part has been taken away… So, have a look maybe, but come back soon for an update!

Moving Into the Light

For a very long time MIDIum was torn apart to rewrite big parts of it bringing both the core and the subsystems up to a new level. It is now finally starting to come together again and here is a little screenshot from the editor – of a character that is the test-subject in an upcoming demo.
A lot of time has also been spent getting telePort ready. An improvisational musical program that also serves as controller for MIDIum, designed to bridge the audio/visual gap. The prototype will be released very soon!

Moving Into the Light

Full immersion 3D interface proposed

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