Cathode’s Journey – Trailer

The launch video for Juvuls first game, Cathode’s Journey using our own 3D engine.

Cathode’s Journey – Custom Level Editor

This video shows the in-house level editor for Cathode’s Journey using MIDIum technology.

MIDIum – Introducing telePort 0.9.2

Actually the launch video for the newest prototype version of telePort, but it shows quite a lot from the new internal version of MIDIum.

MIDIum – Alpha Demo Video

The first video demo of MIDIum back from August 2007. A lot has happened since then – it’s been re-written from scratch! – but it’s still a fun audio-visual demo.
While telePort and MIDIum can take it as far as you need with scripting and automated events, this first demo shows the true core focus of the program, the live (completely live) animation, no sequences or loops, just what is played.

easter egg

telePort – Introducing telePort 0.9.2

Launch video for telePort prototype version 0.9.2. With quite a sneak peak of New MIDIum as well.

telePort – Introducing telePort Control (Annotated Demo Performance)

A broad overview of the possibilities that telePort and telePort Control brings you. In the form of a jam, packed with annotation.

telePort – telePort iPhone Instrumentalist Companion

A jam type video focusing on using telePort and the telePort Control App on Iphone to do Audio Looping. With synchronized sequencer elements coming in later.

telePort – A Visualized Set (0.9.1)

A visualized/illustrated jam made with the patterns and patches created in the first row of video tutorials.

telePort – An Introduction (0.9.1)

A broad overview of the possibilities telePort brings you.

Syncopath Performer – Demo Video

(Discontinued) A video of Syncopath Performer showing it running as a Master (using SyncVSTMaster from the download section) controlling playback and speed of 4 drum loops in Ableton Live. Everything is controlled via remote MIDI and only a few of the Syncopath’s controls are used, keeping it simple. It doesn’t even show off overdubbing.

[flv: 400 300]

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