Juvul is knee deep in two as of yet secret collaborations. This means that not much time is available for telePort/MIDIum or the upcoming game Cathode – using the same technology. Here however is a preview video of the in-house level editor used for the game, which does in fact relate to everything else.

Manual Done!

During this summer a few telePort jams inspired the need for a couple of extra features for this version. They are now all done and includes:

-a MIDI Input Utility that lets you virtually change MIDI Channel and merge several small controllers into one. Great for tiny (travel) setups!
-Poly pressure Input Type
-Computer keyboard Input Types (Both individual keys, and the numeric range)
-Program Change Support: Both for Hardware Instruments and Hardware Insert Effects.
-A couple of tiny enhancements and “smart features”

And, as the headline says the telePort manual is now done!
This version is also completely JAVA free, meaning especially Mac OSX Yosemite users will be happy.
All in all, this now truly looks like the final version of telePort 0.9.2 and a launch video will be coming soon!

Until then… here is a screenshot from the new version of MIDIum – also coming along nicely.
What more fitting in this dark time to have the mascot TV Cat illuminated by pages of the manual? That’s 256 dynamic real-time light sources for you…! Wishing you all a great winter solstice/celebration of light/christmas!


Big documentation update – Final beta round!

The beta of telePort has been updated again and quite a few things have been further optimized propelled by user feedback.
This time also with a fully illustrated Tutorial Section in what is starting to look like a honest User Guide.

Note: you can not use your old User-Setup folder with this update! Almost certain to be the last time that will happen!

There is just one planned internal optimization left and then a Reference Section for the User Guide before the beta period will end! It has been decided that the Introductory price for telePort Control will last as long as the beta period 🙂

Here is a picture from the pretty Tutorial:

telePort User Guide

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