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Juvul is a small indie operation originally started by two brothers,
Lasse and Jacob Ju*v*ul Kolding.
At first to develop MIDIum. Then the prototype of MIDIum became the Open Source 3D Engine OME (Open Media Engine), and Jacob, who primarily wrote that, went into the field of hardware research/development and is now primarily to be found at Juvul Tech.

Lasse continued writing a prototype of telePort, which should become the controller and interface for MIDIum and a New MIDIum is now being made from scratch by Lasse and Daniel Kirchner. This is also being developed to become the interface framework for a real version 1.0 of telePort in the future…

You can reach us through e-mail:

We do our best to respond to all e-mails.

If you feel excited about the development of our software we kindly ask you to
make a donation.

Artists, musicians and viewers/listeners have all expressed an anticipation for the release of especially MIDIum. It is however a huge task to get there and here is your chance to show your support and speed up that process.

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