Cathode’s Journey – iOS & Android

Rhythmic runner with a surreal twist. You don’t follow the music,
you create it

“Cathode the TV Cat traverses polychrome fields of light while the Infinite Spiral shifts and twists in endless ways. Dancing in the timeless space around you the Neon Butterfly flirts, ever out of reach, only to transport you to the next level – if you dare!”


You control Cathode, a robotic TV Cat, running through increasingly difficult and colorful levels in a 3D world consisting of strips of light being constructed in front of you – by your “opposing” player, a neon butterfly.

There is no distinction between music or sound effect; your actions play a part in a duet, which is also a playful duel. Time and speed are elastic, controlled by how well you manage to collect jewels and avoid obstacles. The elasticity of the speed sets the game apart and puts you in a flow once it “clicks”.

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