MIDIum – A New Kind of Story Telling Tool

Where the line between playing an instrument and realtime 3D animation fades away completely..

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MIDIum development info page

telePort – Modular and Live Augmented Sequencing.

telePort is many things. It lets you teleport your Ports…

telePort can be seen as the answer to three fundamental problems that the growing population of electronic live performers face.

1. Managing all your gear on stage.
You only have two hands but you want to bring all your synths and effects into play.

  • Organize all your sounds and presets, of both hardware and VST/AU plugins, into custom improvise-able environments.
  • Instantly switch MIDI assignments for your controllers and recall settings for your MIDI instruments.
  • Categories for just about any assignemt type: Standard CC plus After Touch, Poly Pressure, Pitch Bend, Notes (Ranges), Velocity Ranges, NRPN as well as the computer keyboard.
  • Manage your MIDI hardware like plugins. All presets/patches can be stored within telePort (requires sysex capable hardware with MIDI I+O), or accessed through Program Change, using the same patch selectors/librarian that is used for VST/AU plugins.
  • Their parameters easy select-able for modulation and assignment using easy-to-add Parameter Lists.
  • Flexible VST/AU/Hardware Insert compatible mixer. Load new routings, effects and settings as you’re playing.

2. Performance freedom.
Stick to the script or go completely off the rails with furious improvisation. TelePort attempts to accommodate both mindsets.

  • MIDI based iPad and iPhone remote controller App (telePort Control) for comprehensive live and hands on control of your set.
  • Four MIDI Loopers that can reach all of teleport’s features, MIDI hardware parameters and VST/AU plugins.
  • Four Audio Loopers lets you build and transition between complex arrangements, and combined with the bandpass filters you can tie your set together seamlessly.
  • Set up rules and events for your set with the teleportation system. Change patterns, modulation graphs and presets with the keys, faders and knobs on your MIDI controllers.

3. Nonlinear sequencing.
How to break free from the sometimes terribly unmusical restraints of traditional linear computer style sequencing?

  • Hands on step sequencer via the iPad app.
  • Store and recall presets and sequences live.
  • Several performance modes ranging from simple note followers to complex custom arpeggios and the undefined grey areas in between.
  • Create or tap in custom time grids for your sequences and modulation graphs with telePorts flexible time modules. This allows for anything in between a light swing and complete rhythmic chaos.
  • Morph between time grids.
  • The modular set based architecture gives you instant access to all the presets and sequences in your set.

The goal is creating a very flexible system where you can have a whole set, not just a song, at your fingertips and improvise or play structured parts based on rules you define freely. The current version is a prototype and internally used as a controller for the upcoming MIDIum, as well as an inspiration for a future telePort 1.0.
It is already fully functional…


Syncopath Performer – Looping Revisted.

Syncopath Performer is not really a program actively being developed (or supported)…

…but you can still play.


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