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Playing Instructions

The game comes with a series of built-in tutorial screens that will get many people going. This set of instructions is intended to add a bit more detail to each screen.


The “jewel” pickups are not just for points. Rather they replenish your power meter, which is what Cathode uses to accelerate, and they also give you an instantaneous speed boost.
In the beginning of the game it is possible to clear levels by only picking up one here and there, but as you progress they become much more important, therefore: “You need Jewels, to gain power”.
You have to tilt the device left and right – according to how gravity currently affects it – to pick up these items.


As you get close to a new level strip, you simply tap anywhere on the screen to jump to it. If you jump too early it will instead be a jump on the strip you are currently running on, and if you wait too long you risk falling off the edge.
The level strip you are running on “blinks” when you have entered the zone enabling you to jump to the next.


Falling is intuitive for some, while not for others, but everybody can learn. You have to try and hit the blue “jump pads” by tilting the phone on 2 axes at the same time – up/down and left/right. You get 3 chances (loose up to 3 lives) before a red jump pad automatically sends you back to the strip.
Hang in there, once you “get it” you rarely miss the first jump pad 🙂


As you get closer to the butterfly a green “target circle” appears. Once you are close enough it turns red, which also gives you a sound cue. When this happens you can simply tap the screen to jump towards the butterfly, which will drag you through a wormhole to the next level.


At level 3 bombs are introduced. Missing jewels is what causes bombs to appear. In the beginning you have to miss 4 jewels before a bomb is placed, and a counter in the interface tells you how many you still have to miss. As you progress this gets more difficult and in the end there will be a bomb for every missed jewel.


Hitting a bomb both slows you down and costs you a life. To avoid this you can either tilt to move around it – exactly how you would otherwise pick up jewels – or you can also tap the screen to jump over them. What makes sense depends on the placement. Stay the course and steer clear 🙂


At level 5 “gravity switch jumping” is introduced. Instead of the next strip always appearing directly in front of you it can now also appear to the left or the right. This requires you to swipe either left or right to perform the jump.
You can do this from the strip you are running on directly – instead of tapping – but here’s a pro tip: You have a bit of time to perform the swipe, mid air, after starting out with a normal tap jump.

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