First line of telePort tutorials uploaded…

More will follow, but there’s enough here to get telePort playing and then some. Step by step to help you begin creating a full set! Including 3 short Pre-Tutorials that you can watch as you need to help you with the setup process, which is also described in the installation file.

Here’s the last from this first line as a teaser. Everything up until there is made from scratch with free VST instruments and explained in great detail:

Pre-Tutorial 1 : Setting up the software and VSTs 2:05 min

Pre-Tutorial 2 : MIDI Setup 1:52 min

Pre-Tutorial 3 : Hardware Instrument Setup 2:14 min

Tutorial 1 : Direct Play and MIDI Looping 4:42 min

Tutorial 2 : Modular Sequencing Intro 7:46 min

Tutorial 3 : Augmented Sequencing 6:15 min

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