Introducing telePort Control…

….and, telePort Control is now available to buy on iTunes! An Universal App for both iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Here’s a thorough live demonstration/performance, taking you through 3 “tracks” in seamless telePort fashion.

The beta links have also been updated with the beginning of an actual User Guide. Enough to get a general overview, connect telePort with telePort Control plus software/hardware instruments, and play them directly using MIDI keyboards. For more you will just have to pay close attention to this video or watch some of the old video tutorials on youtube.

Juvul will be back will a full documentation together with telePort 0.9.2 (no beta) after a short forced vacation!

2 thoughts on “Introducing telePort Control…”

  1. really loveing this application but with telePort 0.9.2 beta I can’t save any vst instruments – i lost all Vst Instruments settings in channel 1-2 for example! any Ideas?

    Kind Regards

    1. Hey Rekardo, thanks for you comment, and sorry for the late answer! Please send such questions to
      I don’t receive notification for comments here, and since usually there are No comments I rarely check… 😉
      As for your problem, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Channel 1-2 seems that you lost the mixer assignment and not necessarily the Instrument settings. Wrapping your head around the modular structure and that Each module has its own memory can take some getting used to! It can seem like you lost something just because you haven’t selected the proper preset in that module yet… have you followed the written tutorial in the user guide?

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