Introducing telePort Control…

….and, telePort Control is now available to buy on iTunes! An Universal App for both iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Here’s a thorough live demonstration/performance, taking you through 3 “tracks” in seamless telePort fashion.

The beta links have also been updated with the beginning of an actual User Guide. Enough to get a general overview, connect telePort with telePort Control plus software/hardware instruments, and play them directly using MIDI keyboards. For more you will just have to pay close attention to this video or watch some of the old video tutorials on youtube.

Juvul will be back will a full documentation together with telePort 0.9.2 (no beta) after a short forced vacation!

telePort Control submitted!

telePort Control has finally been submitted to the App Store and will have an introductory price of just 2.99 USD.
Details will follow about when it will be available…
The beta of telePort has been updated and will most likely be the final for this version – excluding the manual which will be coming soon!

To celebrate here is a fun picture showing all the different views in telePort Control!

telePort Control Whell

the iPhone joins the action!

With only a few weeks until the App gets submitted to App Store here is a demo showcasing the previously undisclosed iPhone version of the telePort Control App. It is indeed an universal App although on the iPhone it has a different focus.
That focus led to this video, the first ever demonstration of telePort as a live looping system. Enjoy!

The First telePort EP Release!

Ctrls has released the very first commercial EP composed and jammed out on telePort, as far as we know.

Out now on Token Records and receiving support from Luke Slater, Marcel Fengler, Rebekah, Shifted, Happa and many more.

From Ctrls: “This software has basically teleported my production process to a more musical and intuitive place. Currently testing the, soon to be released, prototype and having a lot of fun in the process!”

For other, and softer, new examples of telePort jams, feel free to visit dubbilan@Juvul’s own soundcloud page at


Here’s a video from two weeks ago of Ctrls playing (in Distillery in Leipzig) with the upcoming new version of telePort featuring a bi-directional iPad controller, finally making it a Lot more approachable!

Final row of preliminary tutorials

telePort version has been released fixing a few things and ending this preliminary row of releases along with the final row of preliminary tutorials!

Attached is also a chart showing the keyboard layout, which is covered in
The Musical Typewriter.

Next up is a demonstration of what you can do with what you have learned!
telePort Keyboard Layout (Web)

Tutorial 11 : The Note Matrix 2 5:52 min

Tutorial 12 : The Musical Typewriter 4:47 min

Tutorial 13 : Sun Sequencing 5:47 min

Tutorial 14 : “DJ-ing” : Audio Looping, Set Morphing and Mixer Effects 13:00 min

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